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The main products are330kVAnd the following power transformer、Railway traction transformer、Wind power photovoltaic power generation with the main transformer and box transformer、Rectifier transformer、The electric furnace transformer、Dry type transformer、Amorphous alloy transformer、Marine transformers、Reactor products such as transformer and reactive power compensation device。

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Rectifier transformer

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The electric furnace transformer

Box-type substation

Power transformer

Tianwei change especially isGE、ABB、SMS electric group co., LTD. Qualified suppliers, etc,Is the national power grid companies、Southern power grid company、The five major power generation groups and other important electricity supplier...

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About baoding tianwei shunda transformer co., LTD between epoxy pouring production line and waste temporary construction project environmental impact report on the publication of the information
About baoding tianwei shunda transformer co., LTD between epoxy pouring production line and waste temporary construction project environmental impact report on the publication of the information
Change especially works in the company of the youth league“Number of youth”Test station documentary projects
 The two Chinese ChengDa engineering co., LTDSFSZ-63000/110Products20184T12And20184T13The user is an urgent need to products,Need for the user,Think of the user,Urgent user anxious,Change especially youth corps committee yong will bear these two products of the company to change especially company“Number of youth”。  Due to the time limit for a project,Raw materials and set of parts purchasing cycle is short,The production department and purchasing department daily to the two products of components and materials to the factory date,Compression procurement cycles。Under the condition of production of goods and materials ready,After nearly a month of tension in the production,Two products have the test conditions
Change especially climbing competition company organization
  To celebrate60The anniversary,Further worker team、Stimulate the positions and dedicated work enthusiasm,Change especially for its labor union held a theme“Towards a new era Open a new journey”2018The worker climbing competition。  Prior to the start of the game,The company secretary of the party committee、Secretary of the commission for discipline inspection、Trade union chairman Liu Deqi encourage the players,Always pay attention to,Have the courage to face,Exercise can play strong will dare to spell it。And for climbing the game quite,From six branch of participating players are scrambling to heading towards the end。  The branch shall be the unit for climbing competition,Each branch sent three players,Three players at the same time arrives at the finish line
All initiated change especially company safety month activities
To better implement the army group and variable electric《2018Years“Safety production month”Activity plan》(Bao electrical AnWei words[2018]9Number)Requirements,5Month31Day,Change especially held company organization2018Years“Safety production month”A kick-off meeting for activities,Deputy general manager Wang Menghong chaired the meeting,Read the change especially company《2018Years“Safety production month”Activity plan》,And the comprehensive deployment2018Years“Safety production month”During the activity of each work。Company committee members attended the meeting。The meeting pointed out,2018Years6On the first in the country17A“Safety production month”,Each single